i3i Ingeniería Avanzada. Destacamos nuestros productos de WIFI y SAI

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We have the recognition of our suppliers (manufacturers) for the good practices of our company by including them in their partnership programs. We work closely with all of them to bring their products to the market with the best care and support, guaranteeing the correct application of them according to their characteristics and functionalities.

We advise distribution, integration and installation companies from the beginning of the projects to the maintenance stage of the facilities, prioritizing the quality and correct performance of the devices used.


In facilities control we have the training and certificates of the main associations, working at all times with open solutions and ensuring interoperability between equipment from different manufacturers. Guaranteeing non-proprietary solutions at all times that allow end users to have facilities that are competitive in price and performance.


  • EnGenius, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • CyberPower, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • CTC union, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • Schneider electric, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • Premium Buildings, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • 2n