i3i Ingeniería Avanzada. Destacamos nuestros productos de WIFI y SAI

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i3i is a company with a young and dynamic profile perfectly complemented by the experience of its work team.

We offer products and solutions with high added value in the world of telecommunications, security and control of facilities (focused on functionality and energy efficiency).

Our agreements with prestigious manufacturers, as well as the development of our own applications in each of the areas, allow us to respond to the most demanding projects and needs.

We work closely with our clients, studying the different alternatives from the technical department and proposing the best options from the point of view of functionality and price efficiency.


  • EnGenius, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • CyberPower, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • CTC union, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • Schneider electric, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
  • Premium Buildings, partner de i3i ingeniería avanzada
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