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Control de ClimaCONFORT 

Within energy efficiency as one of the fundamental axes of our company, climate control is one of the most prominent sectors. With extensive experience in the sector, we offer a customized solution for each case and client by integrating it into a global and standard system, based on close collaboration with clients and partners to achieve the most energy and economic efficient solution.

Based on the philosophy of maximum control simplicity versus the highest possible efficiency, climate control offers a quick return on investment given its high savings capacity. In addition, thanks to the interaction with the system, there is an increase in comfort, thus achieving a double objective with our clients.

One of the success stories of our company is the climate control of the Aranguren Valley City Council. Our company carried out the first state-level installation in which the new range of Schneider Electric products, of which i3i is a premium partner, were combined with the classic TAC equipment of the French multinational and fan coil controllers, showing the leading position of our company in the sector.

The Madres Reparadoras building in Pamplona is another of our company's success stories in the field of climate control. In this installation, the design, programming and commissioning of the climate control of a seven-story building was carried out, being the first installation in which the control is carried out exclusively by equipment from the new Schneider Electric product range and that requires communication between three programmable controllers.



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