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One of the products with the best relation between cost and return on investment is consumption monitoring. From i3i Ingeniería Avanzada we are convinced that any installation where it is intended to promote energy efficiency requires monitoring of its consumption, thus achieving real statistics of the savings achieved and identifying spending peaks for further study and reduction.

Our experience in telecommunications gives us added value in the monitoring of consumption, making it possible to centralize the monitoring of data and the creation of graphs and statistics tailored for each of the cases, as well as their integration in different systems. of control.

In the image above you can see its own application that monitors the consumption of heating and DHW in a residential building. With this system, we can calculate the expenses of each of the neighbors and even manage individualized bills using a centralized heating and DHW generation system. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the savings provided by a centralized climate control and manage your billing in proportion to the expenses generated by each of the neighbors.

The image below shows different tables and graphs generated by the system installed in the Aranguren Town Hall. This control provides us with information on general and broken down consumption, showing the expenditure of each of the main elements. The detailed study of the stored data and the generated graphs can show deficiencies or failures in the system that produce an overconsumption and, therefore, a greater expense of simple reduction.


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