i3i Ingeniería Avanzada. Destacamos nuestros productos de WIFI y SAI

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Who does not have a farmhouse, a warehouse far from home, a business to maintain, a home to take care of ...? And with the amount of theft, robbery, and other crime that has been suffered lately in these times, what better than to have our premises and homes protected with the latest technology in Security and CCTV. By combining an intrusion system with video surveillance, we can guarantee security and keep any site under surveillance at all times.


Thanks to the latest advances in technology, fire coverage can be guaranteed in any garage, warehouse, or room in general that may be prone or have a high probability of fire. It does not matter if conventional fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, harmful gases, etc are needed ... All of them can be compatible with each other thanks to the latest generation gateways and control panels, which allow working with different communication protocols in a way simultaneous.


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