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Spain is one of the European leaders in electricity consumption for public lighting per inhabitant *. In the particular case of Navarra, the average annual increase in electricity consumption for public lighting is 6%, which together with the recent increase in the price of electricity means that spending on public lighting in municipalities has increased. suffered a considerable increase. According to data from CRANA **, in Spain there is a potential saving in Public Lighting of 20% and from i3i Advanced Engineering we want to make it possible.

The programming and design of our own public lighting management application, one of the few in the multi-manufacturer market, demonstrates our commitment and commitment to the sector. The open and multi-vendor nature of the application gives our customers freedom by allowing them to select equipment from different manufacturers for future extensions. Versatility is another of the fundamental characteristics of the application, which allows the inclusion of other elements, such as CCTV, centralizing them and providing a great saving of time and, therefore, economic. The agreements adopted by our company with different expert manufacturers in the sector mean that we offer an intuitive, simple, powerful and very economical solution.

* Report from the Light Pollution Study group of the Complutense Department of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences, 2011.

** CRANA: Center for Environmental Resources of Navarra.


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